Marco Iannello

My name is Marco Iannello, I am a 41 year old Italian person, currently living in Manchester, UK. I am a software developer, but making music is my true passion, which I have cultivated since I was 7. I left Italy in 2010 to move to Sweden, where I lived until 2015. I fluently speak Italian, English, and Swedish.

I started playing the piano when I was 7, I joined my first band as keyboardist when I was 23, and I made two EPs, with them. I am currently the keyboardist for Manchester based, female fronted, steampunk victorian symphonic metal band “A Clockwork Opera”, I joined in 2015, and I am responsible for all the orchestral/symphonic arrangements. I made one EP, with this band, and our second EP is in the middle of being recorded, currently, a full-length album has been planned to be recorded, afterwards. I am relatively new to film scoring, and I am determined to learn more about, and become better at it.


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