Raymond Woods was born in Indianapolis Indiana, and moved to Georgia at the age of 9.  Around the age of 13, Raymond started playing saxophone in the school band, and later started performing in the school Jazz Ensemble.  At the age of 15, Raymond taught himself how to play the piano, and fell in love with the ability to create music. This would be the instrument that sculpts his musical career.

By the age of 15, Raymond became heavily involved musically with his church choir, and started teaching and directing songs shortly after.  He continued down the path as a Music Director during his college years and then professionally shortly after.

Raymond has had the pleasure of scoring a feature length film, performed as a Music Director for several plays, and performed various voice overs for commercials and radio advertisement.  Raymond is also the owner of Kingdom Beats Production, where he produces and engineers music for various artist.
“I enjoy creating music that tells a personal story and takes you on a journey melodically.  My goal is to create music that’s  a melting pot of cultures and genres, that will always have you guessing”

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